Savoy’s ‘Neon Nebraska’ is a fascinating mix of indie, rock, and electroSavoy Neon Nebraska Porsches

Savoy’s ‘Neon Nebraska’ is a fascinating mix of indie, rock, and electro

When the term “band” comes up in conversation nowadays, most people would not immediately think of electronic music. As electronic music has become more integrated with other, live instrumentation-based genres, there have been a select few electronic bands, however, that have made this association seem completely natural all along. Brooklyn-based electro-rock band Savoy is one such act.

One of the advantages of having a group of musicians with which to write and perform music is the increased range of influences and styles that can be brought together. In their new single, “Neon Nebraska,” the trio, along with featured artist Porsches, bring a somewhat garage-style rock sound together with indie electronic and dashes of other left-field genres. Savoy’s top-notch production quality, which is geared more toward an electronic dance type of final mixdown, pulls everything together in spectacular fashion for an incredibly well-rounded track.

“Neon Nebraska” is the first single from their forthcoming EP, Tomorrow Today.

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