Secret Spade – GallowsUnnamed 1

Secret Spade – Gallows

Secret Spade, compromised of Johann Willenberg and Marcus Ng, have shared their newest release, “Gallows,” the first track off their forthcoming EP. “Gallows” reflects on the depths of addiction and the hopes for recovery; heavy topics to cover.

“We wanted it to be about recognizing a problem and taking the necessary steps to fix that,” said Secret Spade. “The lyric is quite personal, but we hope it’s something people can relate to, especially those in trouble with substance abuse.”

Willenberg’s raw vocals shine through, showcasing the vulnerability and authenticity of the track and its subject. In fact, the combination of electronica and heartfelt lyrics allow the listeners to not only enjoy the musical elements of the track, but also to ponder the deeper thematic meaning of its composition.

“The song is ultimately about hope,” Secret Spada says. “So ‘time to change my whole point of view; turned into the main hook and we ditched the traditional chorus form. Musically, there are peaks and troughs throughout and the push and pull of the groove also represents the ups and downs of the recovery journey.”