Skrillex spotted recording new material for From First To LastSkrille Jas Davis

Skrillex spotted recording new material for From First To Last

This past summer, Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, surprised his fans by using his OWSLA Beats 1 radio show to preview what was presumably an unreleased collaboration with his former band, From First To Last.

As the frontman of the band for almost three years, Sonny incurred major damage to his vocal cords. By 2007, it got to the point of needing multiple corrective surgeries, leading to his departure from the band and the beginning of his solo career as Skrillex.

Almost a decade later, it seems that Sonny’s vocal cords can once again handle the intense vocal strain of screaming. A new video has surfaced via Reddit showing Sonny recording vocals over what is presumed to be a new From First To Last track. Whether there will be more than one track — or if Moore will perform with them again — is anyone’s guess. However, knowing Skrillex, something big is sure to happen.

Via: Reddit (r/Skrillex)

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