SOLANO & Landis unveil official music video for ‘Trouble’Trouble4

SOLANO & Landis unveil official music video for ‘Trouble’

For their latest collaboration together, longtime friends and fellow producers SOLANO and Landis enlisted the aid of Miami-based production agency Black Flamingo Films to deliver a surreal and super sci-fi video to pair with “Trouble,” which debuted early last month.

Shot in Venezuela, the video follows two heroines as they stumble through a foreign, post-apocalyptic desert world littered with the ruins of an abandoned complex. The only two human beings left in this starkly beautiful wasteland, the heroines struggle to make sense of strange, omnipresent entities that riddle the sky. It isn’t made clear in the video whether the strange beings are benevolent or sinister, but the effect of not knowing is both spellbinding and irresistibly eerie.

Watch the official video for “Trouble” above.

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