Someone caked Steve Aoki at his own birthday partyInjured Fan Sues Cake Thrower Steve Aoki

Someone caked Steve Aoki at his own birthday party

There’s something incredibly ironic about Steve Aoki getting caked at his own birthday party. While much of Aoki’s brand has been built on his raucous party persona — embodied most famously in his signature cake throwing ritual — the tables were turned so to speak on Aoki on Tuesday night at his label DIM MAK’s 20th anniversary party in Los Angeles.

As Steve made the rounds caking various individuals, one fan in the audience committed the cardinal sin and threw the cake back at Aoki, cutting the sound of the party in the process. TMZ has shared a video of the incident, showing the rebuttal cake and resulting power failure.

Antics aside, it’s worth acknowledging DIM MAK’s momentous 20 year anniversary, which has seen the label evolve from a fledging LA-based party into an international imprint that has helped break the careers of everyone from Bloc Party, to The Bloody Beetroots and The Chainsmokers.

Watch the clip of Aoki’s birthday and anniversary party below, with Aoki getting caked at the one minute mark:

Via: TMZ, YourEDM


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