5 tracks to dream to in honor of Lee Burridge’s All Day I DreamADID SF AleHitchcock 7

5 tracks to dream to in honor of Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream

5 tracks to dream to Ahead of Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream in Los Angeles

2017’s arrival is drawing near, which means that, per tradition, All Day I Dream will be touching down in LA to ring in the New Year on January 1. Ring leader Lee Burridge will be road-testing a brand new venue this year, located on Gin Ling Way in Chinatown, where he’ll be joined by his trusted labelmates Gorje Hewek & Izhevski.

What sets All Day I Dream events apart from most and keeps the brand on the rise in the deep/tech circuit is the incredible energy coming out of it. This effect stems from the music, of course. Ethereal, melodic, and deep pieces prevail, with each performer doing their due diligence in crafting especially moving sets out of finely-selected tunes on the brand’s label and others of the like. To build upon the current fervor surrounding the event and to capture a taste of the magic bound to be created on Sunday afternoon, we’ve put together a list of tracks that are perfect to daydream to in preparation of the annual affair.

Tickets for All Day I Dream in Los Angeles are sold out; limited tickets will be available at the door.

Lee Burridge & Lost Desert feat. Junior - Lingala (Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Remix)

What better way to start our list off than with a track that includes all acts involved in the upcoming gathering? While the original rendition of “Lingala” is already a breathtaking piece to begin with, Gorje Hewek & Izhevski forged an absolutely enchanting reinterpretation. Using slight hints of Junior’s vocals, the two shift focus to sweeping string accents and ethnocentric rhythms to create a piece that stands completely on its own.

Let The Light In - Oona Dahl

Oona Dahl has been making waves in the transformational scene as of late, and secured her strong entry into it with her first EP on All Day I Dream in the spring after serving as a regular on the brand’s event circuit. The EP’s title track “Let The Light In” sweeps the mind off to calm, beachy scenes with the use of airy instrumentation and a delicately rich wind chime topline as its centerpiece. The clip’s relaxing vibes bring about an easy euphoria that can shine through even the dreariest of days.

Cornucopia - Emotional Tourist

A mysterious act by the name of Cornucopia began appearing in sets earlier in 2015. In 2016, we discovered the man behind the music was none other than Guy J. “Emotional Tourist” is the closer to his debut EP under the moniker and has been wielded quite a few times by Lee Burridge during the golden hours of the day. It’s easy to see why — the piece is a lush, haunting piece whose simple, yet impactful elements cast a melancholic aura fit for sunrise or sunset.

Hraach - Burned The Strings

Hraach is an expert at drawing upon Eastern influences to bring a sense of heavy internationalism into his music. “Burned The Strings” exemplifies this artistry — warm desert flutes and other woodwinds flow smoothly over fluttery synth and keyboard chords, tied together by mystical vocals that emphasize the song’s overall effect. This type of music is heard often at All Day I Dream parties, and is a refreshing breath of fresh air outside the status quo of European and American-oriented beats.

YokoO & Retza - Equuleus

Another frequent addition to All Day I Dream lineups is German native YokoO, whose penchant for melancholic-leaning records have scored him releases on Kindisch, Watergate, and of course, All Day I Dream. His most recent extended player on the latter was an object of high praise this year, with all of its tracks making frequent appearances in his peers’ sets. “Equuleus” is its opener, standing out among the bunch for its distinctive bassline graced by vocals and a melodic arrangement that evokes a longing, pining feeling while listening.

Last but, but not least….

*Honorable Mention* Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge - Für Die Liebe

All Day I Dream’s second release is a quintessential embodiment of the imprint’s musical vision that continues to shine as strongly as it did five years ago when it first surfaced. Combining classical with deep tech, the original mix of “Für Die Liebe” is a breathtaking piece that treks seamlessly through hauntingly beautiful string arrangements graced with subtle chimes. The track perfectly embodies the ethos of the imprint, and serves as a natural closer to see us into 2016 with ADID.

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