Autograf reinvent a Dr. Dre classic with ‘Episode’Episode Art

Autograf reinvent a Dr. Dre classic with ‘Episode’

Autograf have championed one of the more charming styles in dance music, melding live instrumentation with digital synthesis to form an infectious indie dance sound. The Chicago trio’s latest offering is an homage to Dr Dre’s legendary “The Next Episode” — the iconic single from Dre’s second studio album 2001.

Autograf’s composition zeroes in on Nate Dogg’s signature verse, painting a lush soundscape around the hook for an altogether forward-thinking reimagining. With its swirling synths and organic backbeat, it’s an apt showcase of Autograf’s abilities and a fitting ode to the legendary single.

Autograf conceived the song at the beginning of their fall live tour: “here’s a tune we’ve been playing on the road,” they wrote on SoundCloud.” It’s the first song we made on a tour bus, hope you dig it.”

The song is available as a free download. Listen to “Episode” below.