The Bowery Presents to open new venue, Brooklyn SteelBowery Presents 650

The Bowery Presents to open new venue, Brooklyn Steel

The Bowery Presents, one of New York’s premier events brands, is slated to open doors and set new standards for the city’s thriving music scene with its new concert hall, Brooklyn Steel. As its mighty name implies, the venue will have a capacity of 1,800 and is set to open in April on East Williamsburg’s Frost Street.

Taking the place of a former steel fabrication shop, the venue will contain four-foot fans and a portable 39-foot-by-24-foot stage, permitting the venue to be resized according to the crowd on any given evening. Animal Collective and Tycho are among some of the first acts to properly welcome the 20,000-square foot into the neighborhood.

Jim Glancy, a partner of The Bowery Presents, says, “We think this is the missing link in the city. In the 1,000-to-3,000 range, there aren’t that many venues for a city this size, and there hasn’t really been anything new in a decade.”

Brooklyn Steel is a precursor for Bowery Presents’ uncertain future as a potential AEG Live subsidiary. The pair have been in talks about an acquisition for several years, though a deal has yet to be made.

Via: The New York Times

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