DA Premiere: Candyland – Just Fro With ItJosie Candyland Just Fro With It Tour

DA Premiere: Candyland – Just Fro With It

Ever since breaking onto the electronic music scene half a decade ago with a spree of huge releases, including their contest-winning remix of Skrillex‘s “Make It Bun Dem,” Candyland has been a constantly evolving project. Before the duo became a solo project for Josie Martin, Candyland already had a significant reputation surrounding their particular flavor of dubstep and hybrid trap.

However, experimentation with different sounds and styles has always been the name of the game for Josie, a fact which can be confirmed by anyone who has been to one of her DJ sets. She has had an almost non-stop touring schedule, the latest of which is dedicated to one of the things that has stayed constant throughout Candyland’s entire history: The Fro.

Josie’s hair is nothing short of spectacular, which inspired the title of her current tour and brand new single, “Just Fro With It.” The track expertly combines some of the more classic Candyland dubstep stylings with more modern future bass and jazz elements — a testament to Josie’s sophisticated taste and exceptional creativity.

A funky vocoder leads the melody and provides a subtle retro feeling for the futuristic Cashmere Cat-esque break and buildup. This section itself could be a completely separate track and would still be phenomenal. However, Josie switches it up and drops it perfectly into the kind of high-energy, organized chaos that initially built the foundation for Candyland’s success.

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