DA Premiere: Yaya – 13k (Original Mix)Yaya 13k

DA Premiere: Yaya – 13k (Original Mix)

Italian native Yaya officially became a label owner in 2016, launching Tamango records as a realization of his “no-boundaries,” Afro-influenced musical vision. His penchant for highly rhythmic, driving beats is highly evident in 13k, a three-tracker that serves as Tamango’s debut release.

The title track guides listeners gently into the rest of the EP, presenting the ears with a refined and sultry tech-based groover whose subtly complex layers of percussion and muddled bass make it difficult to sit still throughout its progression. The beauty of “13k” lies in its straight-forward arrangement, whose construction creates a heavy impact despite lacking in hugely melodic accents and notable drops. Listen to it below:

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