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Dancing Astronaut’s Breakout Artist of 2016: REZZ

As dance music edges its way towards a more predominant role in the modern-day zeitgeist, the number of new, hopeful music producers has compounded in size each year. In some ways, the widening of the pool is an unfortunate side-effect of this increase for upcoming producers, because its much easier to get lost in the crowd. However, for those with the proper blend of talent, vision, determination, and representation, it’s quicker to establish an international brand than ever before. Three years ago, The “pre-#Selfie” Chainsmokers were far from household relevance, Jauz was virtually unknown, and marshmello didn’t even exist.

Concurrently, in November 2013, Isabelle Rezazadeh was booting up Ableton for the first time. Surely, after her first attempt to conquer the production software, Rezazadeh had no idea that, in merely three years, she would be a close deadmau5 affiliate, touring internationally, and be viewed by many as a forerunner in dismantling the firmly male-dominated dance music industry. However, as Isabelle herself states in her deeply personal and equally lengthy SoundCloud biography: “It was rocket science at first, but nothing 14 hours a day can’t fix.”

Dancing Astronaut’s Breakout Artist of 2016: REZZRezz Dj Heart

“It was rocket science at first, but nothing 14 hours a day can’t fix.”

In 2015, REZZ led our 25 Artists to Watch in 2016 list, alongside acts such as KSHMR, Gallant, and Rüfüs Du Sol. The young producer’s accomplishments were astounding a year ago, but Rezazadeh clearly has not decreased her “14 hours a day” rule since. REZZ redefines the words “prolific” and “prodigious”: this year alone, she has released two EPs on mau5trap, put forth acclaimed singles and remixes, and earned main stage slots at a number of prominent dance music festivals. The artist’s Shambhala set was discussed as fervently as Excision’s; like Excision, REZZ uploaded her set from the festival for free download.

Perhaps most importantly, REZZ has escaped the adulatory, yet reductive, label of being “the female Gesaffelstein,” by developing her own signature sound. Something Wrong Here, REZZ’s third EP overallsaw the producer meld facets of all of the extensive roster of influences she lists on her SoundCloud into a new style which is all her own. Drawing as heavily from bass music’s divergent spectrum as it does from the unforgiving brand of industrial techno artists like Gesaffelstein and Alesia, Something Wrong Here is, thus far, the best indication we’ve seen of the young artist’s unique, still-evolving style.

2017 will see Isabelle Rezazadeh embark on her first international headlining tour, but that’s surely not the most exciting thing that the 21-year-old producer has up her sleeve for the coming year. Each year, REZZ has increased the quality and quantity of her musical achievements through her mixture of diverse tastes, remarkable talent, and – most importantly – her untiring dedication to her craft. We don’t know what further milestones are in store for REZZ in 2017. She may make an appearance in the Sahara tent, release her debut album, or do something that we can’t even envision. However, with REZZ’s impeccable strides of the last year – and the years before – we can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon for the Canadian wunderkind.

REZZ is Dancing Astronaut’s Breakout Artist of 2016.

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