deadmau5 to release new 20-track compilation in early 2017Deadmau5

deadmau5 to release new 20-track compilation in early 2017

Shortly after the release of W:/2016ALBUM/, Joel Zimmerman treated fans to an eight-hour Twitch live stream. Perhaps the most exciting moment from the stream was deadmau5‘s revelation that he had compiled and remastered 20 tracks, with the intention of releasing the collection in the near future. In classic form, Zimmerman’s details were brazenly vague, notifying a fan that he or she can hear the remasters “when its [sic] released and you buy it on iTunes.” In terms of release date, the producer remarked, “ill [sic] try and get it done fast.”

In a fortuitously rare turn of events, deadmau5 has swiftly provided further details regarding the collection. Zimmerman posted the following tweet on December 3.

While deadmau5 is certainly not one to shackle himself to deadlines, his February prediction for the collection could likely prove to be accurate — the producer noncommittally predicted a November release date for his most recent album which dropped shortly after, on December 2. Apparently titled “stuff i used to do,” the compilation will feature 20 remastered tracks from the 1998-2007 era — much of which includes Zimmerman’s music under the Halcyon441 alias.

Whether the collection is released in February or shortly thereafter, we can’t wait to hear updated versions of tracks like “Bored of Canada” and “Unspecial Effects.” Check out the rumored tracklist below, which deadmau5 previewed to fans on Twitch.


1. deadma5 – The big difference
2. deadmau5 – Messages from nowhere
3. deadmau5 – Digitol
4. deadmau5 – Screen door
5. deadmau5 – Squid
6. deadmau5 – Sometimes i fail
7. deadmau5 – 50 something cats
8. deadmau5 – Charlie can’t dance
9. deadmau5 – Bored of Canada
10. deadmau5 – Creep (Original Version)
11. deadmau5 – My opinion
12. deadmau5 – HaxPigMeow
13. deadmau5 – Obsidian
14. deadmau5 – Obilistik
15. deadmau5 – Long walk off a short pie
16. deadmau5 – Support
17. deadmau5 – Superlover
18. deadmau5 – Try again
19. Creep (2013 alt version)
20. deadmau5 – Unspecial Effects

Tracklist courtesy of r/deadmau5

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