deadmau5 drops new album and announces new tourDeadmau5 2016

deadmau5 drops new album and announces new tour

It’s a good day to be a deadmau5 fan. Not only has Joel Zimmerman released his 8th studio album, W:/2016ALBUM/, but he’s announced a full tour to go along with it featuring his brand new Cube 2.1 stage.

W:/2016ALBUM/ brings along 11 new tracks from the Canadian producer. While many of the productions have been online before in some format — either ripped from Zimmerman’s Twitch streams or shared by the producer in unfinished form — there’s something much more satisfying about having the full, finalized versions.

The album is a noticeable change of pace from previous releases. While deadmau5’s signature progressive house sound is alive and well on tracks like “4ware” and “Imaginary Friends,” the record also brings along some hefty experimentation in the form of glitch hop-inspired tracks like “Snowcone” and “Whelk Then” — which Zimmerman has previously confessed is the direction he wants to go. Zimmerman even dabbles in techno on productions like “Deus Ex Machine” and “Three Pound Chicken Wing,” a genre for which he has made his affinity more than clear in the past year. The album wraps up on a particular poignant note with Zimmerman’s 11.5 minute vocal anthem featuring Grabbitz, “Let Go.”

The album’s corresponding tour will be called — wait for it — ‘LOTS OF SHOWS IN A ROW TOUR.’ The North American stint will feature Zimmerman’s newly finished Cube 2.1 stage: a revamped version of the old cube complete with a larger frame, moving panels, state-of-the-art LEDs and more.

The tour kicks off in New York City on March 29, and will visit Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Oakland, Detroit, Camden, Columbia, and Lowell.

Stream deadmau5’s new album W:/2016ALBUM/ below:

deadmau5 drops new album and announces new tourDeadmau5 Tour