deadmau5 is trademarking his cat, MeowingtonsMeow

deadmau5 is trademarking his cat, Meowingtons

A viral internet star in his own right and one of the only animals with a verified Twitter handle (so far), deadmau5‘s beloved cat Meowingtons has a brand to protect and his owner is bent on doing just that. After failing to obtain a trademark for the name ‘Prof. Meowingtons’ and learning that a Florida resident created for a cat-themed gift website, Joel Zimmerman has decided to launch a full-on attack in an attempt to secure his cat’s brand.

The Canadian DJ and producer is now petitioning the United States Patent and Trademark Office to cancel her mark, claiming she chose the name because she’s a deadmau5 fan. In order to see his pursuit of the trademark through, Zimmerman will use the concept of first use, arguing that he’s been operating with the brand Meowingtons since 2011, as opposed to the store, which opened in 2014.

Via Billboard

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