Listen to deadmau5’s 50 track playlist, ‘This is deadmau5’Deadmau5 Governors Ball 2015 Dancing Astronaut Andrew Spada 14

Listen to deadmau5’s 50 track playlist, ‘This is deadmau5’

Since 2005’s Get Scraped, Joel Zimmerman — his iconic mau5head and give-no-fucks attitude — have played a pivotal role in the development and popularity of electronic music. Eleven years, seven¬†albums and six Grammy nominations later, Spotify has created an essential playlist of all the best that the mau5 has ever touched.

One of the few traditionally talented producers in the industry, Joel’s sound design and style have enraptured millions of fans the world over and turned him into an electronic icon in the process. As a real producer awash in a sea of phonies, his critiques are harsh but often laced with cold hard truths. While it may be easy for new EDM stars to craft catchy hits in 30 minutes on their laptops, there’s really no substitution for patient and persistent work ethic and classic analog synthesis¬†— of which there’s little match for electronic music’s most eccentric personality.