deadmau5 plans to start work on next album in JanuaryDEADMAU5 21 Small 1

deadmau5 plans to start work on next album in January

Leading up to the release of his most recent album, W:/2016ALBUM/, deadmau5 made it abundantly clear that he was dissatisfied with the finished product, calling it “slapped together” and promising to follow it with an opus that he actually likes. Following the album’s release on December 2nd, fans were reminded that the eccentric producer is often his own harshest critic, as the album proved to be a success and received a largely positive response. However, it seems that the mau5 is still intent on writing an album that meets his standards, and is wasting no time in getting to work. He took to Twitter today to announce that he would start writing the album in late January.

The “Neve desk” mentioned is likely a mixing console made by Rupert Neve, one of the most celebrated console designers of all time. Deadmau5 has always been a masterful sound engineer, and for someone of his talents to embark on a passion project using such high quality equipment is immensely exciting news for fans.

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