Watch Dillon Francis and Party Favor play vengeful nerds in ‘Shut It Down’ music videoParty Favor Dillon Francis Shut It Down 2016 Billboard 1548

Watch Dillon Francis and Party Favor play vengeful nerds in ‘Shut It Down’ music video

In August, Dillon Francis and Party Favor released “Shut It Down,” a raucous tune which equitably blends the buoyant moombahton and twerk stylistic traits of the respective producers. Yesterday, December 5, the pair released a music video for the track that is, for lack of a better word, cathartic. The video sees the two producers as coworkers in the fictitious, generically corporate office “Goetzman Group” — an entity which they liken to a “soul-draining succubus.”

By donning thick-framed glasses, pen protectors, and affecting awkward lisps, Francis and Party Favor seemingly channel Milton, Stephen Root’s nerdy, antisocial Office Space character. Like Milton, the producers’ characters are the office’s pariahs; for the music video’s first half, the gauche duo are systematically harassed and humiliated, before eventually being fired in an over-the-top corporate measure to purge the office of unattractive employees.

The video’s second half sees the unfortunate protagonists exact revenge on their coworkers by defiling various office fixtures and colleagues’ possessions. For example, TJR makes a cameo appearance as an employee who unwittingly drinks a cup of coffee from a pot in which Party Favor has…relieved himself. Though the video isn’t Ibsen, it’s a cheeky accompaniment to a revelrous song — and very in line with Francis’ bombastic sense of humor.

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