DJ mixes are now legal on SoundCloud according to founderSoundcloud Ad

DJ mixes are now legal on SoundCloud according to founder

In a recent interview with the German music publication Groove Magazine, Eric Wahlforss, founder and technical manager of SoundCloud, announced a piece of very great news for DJs who want to upload DJ mixes to the site: anyone can now post DJ mixes featuring other artists’ copyrighted tracks without obtaining the rights beforehand.

“During the negotiations for SoundCloud Go, we achieved agreement with collecting societies like GEMA in Germany, making these problems a thing of the past – even for users who do not subscribe. This means that DJ mixes are now legal and problem-free on SoundCloud. So this is a very positive news for DJs.”

The popular streaming site recently implemented SoundCloud GO, a new paid subscription service created in order to compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. Prior to this feature going live, the negotiations between SoundCloud and large record companies had not gone over all that well, resulting in the labels, as owners of a large chunk of content on the site, forcing SoundCloud to remove all DJ mixes and remixes that did not have the appropriate rights.

The road has been rocky for the young company, as they had to deal with multiple controversial decisions such as the one described above that ultimately forced the take-down of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of tracks. Thus, this news comes as a relief not only for the company itself, but for the multitudes of producers and DJs, large and small, who prefer SoundCloud over other streaming services.

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