DJ Snake hints at forthcoming Drake collaborationDJ Snake And That Degrassi Dude

DJ Snake hints at forthcoming Drake collaboration

DJ Snake has never been one to shy away from working with commercially viable artists. From his early production work for Lady Gaga, to his recent collaboration with Justin Bieber, the French producer has never let the fear of being labeled as a “sellout” prevent him from working with many of pop music’s biggest names. In a picture posted to his Twitter, DJ Snake has insinuated that his next high-profile collaboration comes in the inevitable form of Drake.

This news will presumably be exciting for a number of people, based on the fact that Drake managed to weasel his way into becoming Spotify’s most streamed artist of 2016.

For those scratching their heads at the teased collaboration, there is a silver lining. Snake masterfully modulated Bieber’s voice into his lead synth-work for their hit “Let Me Love You” — a production strategy which could work quite well for a joint effort with the Canadian rapper. There’s a uniquely grating quality to Drake’s voice, which, if sampled correctly, could yield a compositional arrangement similar to the strident tones of DJ Snake’s flagship remix of Justice’s “Stress.” Of course, this is perhaps only wishful thinking.

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