Eric Prydz and deadmau5 are performing together at Creamfields’ Steel Yard in 2017

In November, Eric Prydz announced that he would be premiering EPIC 5.0 in May 2017 at Creamfields’ Steel Yard venue. As if Creamfields’ opportunity to debut the pioneering artist’s new performance wasn’t enough, the company has announced that Prydz will be performing live with deadmau5 at the Steel Yard on Friday, August 2017. Creamfields purports that this performance will be the artists’ only joint show in Europe for the course of the year, stating the following:

“Collaborating for an exclusive live show – deadmau5 & Eric Prydz. Having performed for us many times as solo artists, this will be the first time both acts perform together in the UK and be their only European show of 2017, they headline the Steel Yard on Friday 25th August.”

Those who were fortunate enough to attend the elusive partnership’s legendary show at this year’s Tomorrowland know just how momentous an announcement this return is. For those unfamiliar with the fabled duo of Prydz and Zimmerman, Creamfields has uploaded a teaser to their website, showing off the phantasmagoria of the two artists working in tandem. The preview can be viewed above, in all its glory.

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