India’s Sunburn festival facing serious local backlash as opening day nearsSunburnFestivalGram

India’s Sunburn festival facing serious local backlash as opening day nears

As electronic music continues its march to complete global domination, there are few places in the world where fans will find themselves cut off from access to any sort of festival. For ten years now, Sunburn Music Festival has been the premier event in India, though this year’s edition — the first at its new location in Maharashtra — is facing considerable local backlash.

With less than a week before the festival is set to begin, citizens have filed two petitions — one civil, the other criminal — to stop the event from going on. The locals’ concern is that Sunburn will “hamper the environment and lower moral standards.” Residents worry about electronic festival’s association with drugs and believe the festival site has already caused damage to the local ecology. Compounding the issue is the fact that festival organizers have yet to acquire all the necessary permits — though they maintain they will have everything in order before first day, December 28.

The criminal petition is scheduled to be heard December 23 and poses the biggest threat to the festival’s viability.

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