Lexus made a rave car with 42,000 LEDs and it’s LITLeus Lit Is 01

Lexus made a rave car with 42,000 LEDs and it’s LIT

For Lexus’s latest marketing campaign, they’ve devoted a team of engineers to creating the Lexus LIT IS: a high-tech concept car outfitted with 42,000 LEDs (well, 41,999 to be exact). What’s more, each LED is “programmed with dynamic designs, and able to react to music and movement.”

The finished design immediately recalls the kind of full-scale production you’d see at a festival or rave, with flashing LEDs that arguably even outdo many modern day stage productions.

Unfortunately for any car enthusiasts with deep pockets, the Lexus LIT is not actually for sale and merely a concept design. With that said, it did make its way into Dua Lipa’s new video for “Be The One.”

Watch Lexus’s full reveal of the LIT IS above — set to a flurry of dance tracks — which showcases the gorgeous potential of the concept car.

H/T: YourEDM

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