LG unveils $200 levitating portable speakerTech1

LG unveils $200 levitating portable speaker

We’ve heard of (and possibly) seen levitating speakers before, but LG’s newest portable version of the product may be the most practical ever to enter the market. Aptly named the ‘Levitating Portable Speaker,’ the product will debut to the public January 2017 at CES.

Small, white, water resistant, and capable of delivering 360-degree sound, the speaker hovers above a round ‘Levitation Station,’ which contains a sub-woofer. It will last you 10 hours on battery before floating down to its base for a recharge. While pricing has not yet been unveiled, based on the costs of similar devices Engadget.com predicts the speaker will fall around the $200 mark.

LG unveils $200 levitating portable speakerTech1


Via: Engadget

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