Death toll rises to 30 in Oakland warehouse fire02 Oakland Warehouse Concert Fire Dec 2 2016 Billboard 1548

Death toll rises to 30 in Oakland warehouse fire

The death toll for the Oakland warehouse party fire that initially left nine deceased and 25 missing has risen to 30, with more deaths expected to be uncovered as the remainder of the building is searched. As of today, Alameda County Sheriff Ray Kelly claims only about 20 percent of the venue has been inspected.

The names of the victims have not yet been released, though three families have been personally notified thus far. A list of missing people, compiled by friends and family, has grown to around 35.

Fire Chief Melinda Drayton disclosed during a press conference this morning that the source of the fire is still unknown. “This is the most deadly fire in Oakland’s fire history that I’m aware of, I’ve been in for 19 years and consider myself a veteran,” she explained. “It is tragic to watch so many people perish from a fire fatality in front of your eyes and have to be stoic in your job.”

Drayton anticipates the search will endure for at least several more days as officials search for more answers and bodies.

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