Penthox feat. Madcon – CigaretteCig

Penthox feat. Madcon – Cigarette

Young Swedish newcomer Penthox has made a considerable splash at the mere age of 18. Returning to the fold alongside Grammy nominees Madcon, who hit the radar with ‘Beggin’ long before their newfound collaborator was making music, the young Gothenburg resident shows that age has had no hinderance on his ability to moldĀ a considerable crossover hit.

‘Cigarette’ plays like a modern electronic pop ballad with a flurry of musical influences. There’s country vibes without the knock-off Avicii feels and songmanship that speaks for a considerable depth and maturity to his work. Knocking the socks off your everyday bedroom producer in the process, ‘Cigarette’ is a wonderful moment from the young Swedish producer and his impressive grasp on the world of infectious electronic pop.

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