Renato Ratier – Minemalistic [EP Review]Renato Ratier Minemalistic

Renato Ratier – Minemalistic [EP Review]

Renato Ratier is wrapping up his year with a stripped down, enticing release on his home base of D-EDGE titledĀ Minemalistic. The opener, Ratier’s original mix, presents a thumping clip with light keyboard notation and muted synths that allow for a smooth listening experience geared toward a dark, simple indoor setting.

Meanwhile, Acid Mondays expand upon these ideals while adding a touch of energy to “Minemalistic,” increasing the tempo while adding further emphasis on percussion. An enhanced, groovier bassline pairs well with the subtle, eerie accents of the original, setting up their interpretation of the clip to cause even further impact on the dancefloor. Both the original “Minemalistic” and its Acid Mondays re-work arrived on digital album shelves on December 16.

Prior to this release, Ratier released his second studio album, Youniverse which stiched together an immersive story across 10 tracks. D-EDGE also celebrated a momentous year as a club as well, hosting over 300 cutting-edge artists across 150 club nights.

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