Rumored Daft Punk song leaks featuring Nile Rodgers and LemarDaft Punk Without Helmets Wallpaper 3

Rumored Daft Punk song leaks featuring Nile Rodgers and Lemar

Daft Punk seem to inspire more rumors and leaks than any other artist in the world. It’s no surprise given the long-standing air of mystery surrounding the French duo, yet the real challenge comes in deciphering the authenticity of such rumors.

The latest supposed ‘leak’ from the Daft Punk camp is an unreleased single featuring vocalist Lamar and guitarist Nile Rodgers. The track is rumored to have been created around the time of Random Access Memories, Daft Punk’s last studio album which arrived in May of 2013. The track, titled “Feel Good,” certainly sounds like something the robots would have created around the era, though there’s no way to tell for certain.

Real or not, the unreleased disco number boasts a charming composition with Nile Rodgers’ funky guitar work providing the perfect backtrack for Lamar’s R&B topline.

UPDATE: The track has been confirmed as “Make Ya Feel Good” by Craig Paul Hardy & Theo Chinara, not Daft Punk.

Listen to the rumored Daft Punk single below:

Via: Reddit (r/DaftPunk)