Skrillex and Yogi’s ‘Burial’ featured in official ‘Baywatch’ trailerSkrille Form Arcosanti 2015

Skrillex and Yogi’s ‘Burial’ featured in official ‘Baywatch’ trailer

Baywatch will be back in 2017, swapping The Hoff for The Rock in the upcoming theatrical reboot. It looks like the 1990s television classic may also be mixing in a few more noteworthy upgrades for the 21st century revision; among them Skrillex, Yogi and Pusha T‘s bulldozing “Burial” which is featured in the new trailer for the upcoming film.

The track has already seen massive commercial success since its release, with companies like Arby’s, Fox, and Adidas advertising their products using the tune’s unmistakable stomp. The souped-up new Baywatch film is the latest to feature Pusha, Yogi and Skrill’s collaboration, and even with the track’s continued promotional rotation, it still remains one of the most aggressive hybrid trap productions in recent memory.

Maybe we’re a little biased here, but if “Burial” can make a roast beef sandwich look cool, then it perhaps it can even make a Baywatch reboot starring Zac Efron palatable.

Watch the trailer above, with “Burial” beginning 25 seconds in.

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