Dancing Astronaut’s Essential Remixes of 2016Skrille Singapore Jas Davis

Dancing Astronaut’s Essential Remixes of 2016

One of the defining factors that makes dance music culture so enthralling is the art of the remix. Reinterpretations and reimaginings proliferate dance music more than any other industry, and for good reason: the nature of electronic music production makes sampling — both legally and illegally — accessible to anyone with a DAW.

To highlight the standout remixes from 2016, we’ve compiled over 50 of our favorite edits, flips, bootlegs, and remixes into one giant playlist. Featuring creative renditions from artists like Skrillex, Illenium, Feed Me, and more, the playlist covers the cream of the crop of EDM while also highlighting underground favorites like Enrico Sanguiliano, Bicep, Dense & Pika and more.

Stream Dancing Astronaut’s Essential Remixes of 2016 below:

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