Watch the official music video for Henri PFR’s ‘Until The End’ [Exclusive]Image013

Watch the official music video for Henri PFR’s ‘Until The End’ [Exclusive]

Henri PRF is currently experiencing a much-deserved surge of popularity behind his breakout new single “Until The End.” The tropical-tinged track, with delightful vocals from Raphaella, has propelled the young Belgian producer into the forefront of the international streaming landscape, having accumulated over 10 million global streams on Spotify thus far and broken into the platform’s top 10.

The success of the track has also catalyzed a new stint of touring for young Henri: “One thing I really cherish about music is the ability to get to know the world around me,” Henri says. “This may sound mellow, but it’s true… And besides the blessing of discovering awesome places, I also get the chance to know people from all over, and it’s such a satisfaction and pleasure to open up through something I love doing!”

Now the official music video for “Until The End” has arrived, painting a vivid picture of Henri’s international adventures from the past year. With the poignancy of Raphaella’s lyricisms soundtracking the visual narrative, it’s an altogether heartfelt composition.

Henri said the music video: “This video was shot with the purpose of capturing the joy that has came from the past year of doing what I love, and hopefully serves as an example to pursue your dreams to those who watch it.”


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