Aero Chord – ResistanceAero Chord Resistance

Aero Chord – Resistance

Greek DJ Aero Chord is known for producing some of the most forceful and uncompromising trap music known to humankind. Songs like ‘Surface’ and ‘Titans’—with Italian producer Razihel—are a testament to his extensive talent and production sense.

He may have managed to surpass even high expectations with his latest hard-hitting single, “Resistance.” As the title suggests, the song is extremely powerful and hits the listener in a visceral and somewhat incomprehensible way. The song sparks into life with an energizing intro and the infectious energy is transferred beautifully into a buildup full of tribal influenced vocal samples. The chant grows steadily, until it finally culminates into an utterly electrifying bass drop.“Resistance” is undoubtedly Aero Chord’s best production of recent times and manages to hold court with some of his best releases to date.


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