Calvin Harris previews unreleased Frank Ocean collaboration [Video]Calvinharris

Calvin Harris previews unreleased Frank Ocean collaboration [Video]

Certified hitmaker Calvin Harris has confirmed that Frank Ocean is the next celebrity whose voice will grace his work. The two hitmakers had initially sparked rumors of their partnership after being spotted together in 2016.  During a surprise Snapchat post, fans got to hear the first inkling of Harris and Ocean’s finished product, which as it turns out, is a bit outside the box for a Harris track. Rather than building a house-based canvas around Ocean’s auto-tuned croons, the Scottish star opts to take a more downtempo approach. Together, the two have created a well-crafted piece of music that will be consumed ravenously by fans until it climbs to the top of the charts.

The yet-untitled tune will likely be one of of the ten new compositions promised by Harris earlier this month, and if it’s any indication, the EDM magnate is in for a prosperous year. Listen to the preview below.



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