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DA Premiere: Bixel Boys – Traffic (Original Mix)

Professionally pushing buttons and making sounds with computers for four years, Bixel Boys continue to define themselves outside rigid genre standards. With their latest single, “Traffic,” the Los Angeles based duo delivers their first original track in six months. Over the course of this bombastic track, Bixel Boys vacillate between hard house loops, Jersey club-inspired drops, and erratic breaks.

#FREELIFE is a philanthropic movement orchestrated by duo members Rob May and Ian Macpherson that has worked to battle cancer and support Camp Kesem. In this release Bixel Boys express themselves through bold bass lines and audacious drums.

“Traffic” is backed by North American label Main Course, managed by Neoteric, Astronomar, and Bot. This is not Bixel Boys’ first release with Main course, and have been featured on multiple compilation albums from the label in the past, as well as OWSLA, Dim Mak, and Armada. “Traffic” will appear on Main Course’s “Snacks 17” compilation, due for release tomorrow, January 27.

Helping to secure DJ spots along side these industry powers, Bixel Boys’ reputation is owed not only to their success in music, but to the community they encourage. We invite those who support Bixel Boys to also consider supporting Camp Kesem here.

Listen to “Traffic” below:

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