DA Premiere: Pleasurekraft – Rigel (Original Mix)Pleasurekraft Rigel DA Premiere

DA Premiere: Pleasurekraft – Rigel (Original Mix)

To create a signature musical style which is rooted in authenticity and quality is a challenge which all true artists strive to surmount. Statistically, few musicians manage to achieve this, but fewer still successfully manage to make that core sound resonate with a large audience. However, delimiting the separative point between successful artists and icons is the challenge of artistic reinvention – the ability to evolve artistically after crafting an existing legacy. Acts like David Bowie and The Beatles became legends not only for their musical talents, but for their rare skills as sonic shape-shifters.

Pleasurekraft created a culture in 2010, cultivating a unique brand of tech house that towed the line between eerie and jaunty. Through artists on their Kraftek label, as well as their own releases, the duo purveyed music which stood out from the masses of an oversaturated genre. However, in recent years, the outfit has elected to reach toward the paramount challenge of artistic reinvention, working toward crafting a masterful techno style.

With their forthcoming release, “Rigel,” Pleasurekraft reaffirm their new direction with crystal clarity. Any erroneous, lingering notions of their name being synonymous with tech house are swiftly obliterated by a wall of sound, that eventually yields to a mystifying, cosmic break. “Rigel” is a tour de force in the Pleasurekraft techno reboot, combining melodic composition with harrowingly quaking rhythm with a level of taste and mastery hitherto unmatched by few other artists, excepting, perhaps, Tale of Us. The ability to strike a balance between charming and inciting the most discerning of listeners within a single song is a remarkable rarity, but in this piece, the balance is struck more than duly.

We dare say that “Rigel” is Pleasurekraft’s best song to date.

‘Rigel’ will be released January 27 on Kraftek. The song is available to preorder here.

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