Eyewitnesses are reporting multiple gunmen involved in BPM shootingBpm Heart

Eyewitnesses are reporting multiple gunmen involved in BPM shooting

Citing police confirmation, The BPM Festival released an official statement yesterday, January 16, which asserted that the attack at Blue Parrot nightclub which killed five people and injured fifteen more was the work of “a lone shooter.” Eyewitnesses, however, are contradicting BPM’s statement, claiming that the shooting was carried out by multiple gunmen – with some accounts reporting the number of assailants to be as high as five.

Billboard has published statements from several anonymized eyewitnesses detailing the events of the Blue Parrot shooting. A 28-year old Australian man who was at the scene of the shooting has told Billboard that he saw “five Mexican men in black leather jackets attempt to gain entry to the Blue Parrot.” The same attendee alleges to have later seen one of the men exiting the incident through a police perimeter in “a button-down shirt, fedora hat and glasses, and…no longer wearing a leather jacket.”

Billboard has reported the following information from the Sydney attendee’s testimony:

“They got denied because they didn’t want to be patted down…Three of them left out of our vision and two of them shot security guards at the entrance, ran in and aimlessly opened fire. There were two guys there, not one like the news incorrectly reports.

“Outside the club it seemed like there were people actually squaring up as though it might have been cartel-related…It gave them the feeling that something was about to happen.”

Billboard notes the similarities between the above attendee’s account and an unverified report by local Mexican publication, Semanario Playa News Aquí y Ahora.

Another eyewitness to the incident, who Billboard deems “an industry source,” vehemently denies the notion that the attack was carried out by a lone gunman:

“There’s no way there was just one shooter…I must have heard shots that happened from the beach or street. How can one guy be shooting all this and not get caught?

The same source told the publication that he heard three rounds of gunfire, and reports from other attendees of an assailant firing shots from a car.

An “internationally-known male DJ/producer” who escaped from the shooting further corroborated the story of multiple gunmen to Billboard, stating, “I just want people to know the truth, because it was not just some crazy lone gunman…I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right.”

Billboard notes that they have contacted The BPM Festival and authorities for statement, but have not published any response at press time. After ten years in Playa del Carmen, BPM has been banned for future editions.

Via: Billboard

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