Flying Lotus unveils the trailer for his upcoming film ‘Kuso’FlyLoKuso

Flying Lotus unveils the trailer for his upcoming film ‘Kuso’

Flying Lotus has been hyping the release of his first film project since it was announced in July 2016. What was originally thought to be a short film from the idiosyncratic producer was later revealed to be just a portion of a full-length feature entitled Kuso and is set to feature music from the likes of Aphex Twin and Thundercat.

FlyLo has now released the first trailer for Kuso and it is expectedly unhinged. The trailer has a distinctly surrealist and disturbing bent, revealing almost nothing in regards to a plot or characters. Flying Lotus co-wrote the film with David Firth and is purported to follow the aftermath of an earthquake hitting Los Angeles. Kuso stars Hannibal Burress, Anders Holm, Tim Heidecker, Iesha Coston, Zack Fox, The Buttress, and frequent FlyLo collaborator/funk legend George Clinton.

Photo Credit: Flying Lotus/YouTube


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