Gorillaz finally make their return with the politically charged ‘Hallelujah Money’

The Gorillaz have finally made their return after six years of silence. But not in the way that longtime fans of the animated group¬†will recognize. On the eve of Donald Trumps’ election the famed artists deliver their own post-apocalyptic political commentary that acknowledges this historic moment. “Hallelujah Money” urges us to turn the mirror on ourselves and our rampant consumerism to remember that “we are still human.”

For those expecting something familiar from Damon Albarn’s braindchild, “Hallelujah Money” may leave casual fans scratching their heads. The track is spoken word. The video is live action. And The Gorillaz themselves are nowhere to be found until the haunting chorus. Instead the focus is Benjamin Clementine’s cryptic warning that haunts over the¬†subdued backing track.

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