LCD Soundsystem’s new album ‘will be done soon,’ says James MurphyLcd Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem’s new album ‘will be done soon,’ says James Murphy

LCD Soundsystem‘s disruption of their five year hiatus in 2016 was one of the year’s most significant pieces of news. The reunion of James Murphy, Nancy Whang, Pat Mahoney, and company swept the top of practically every major festival bill, from their inimitably brilliant Coachella performance, to their well-conceived, but ultimately ill-fated Beach Vibes festival. Amid their perennial touring schedule in 2016, however, the group has remained fairly silent in terms of musical releases; their sole output since 2010 has been the charmingly forlorn “Christmas Will Break Your Heart,” released Christmas Day 2015.

However, it appears that the tides may soon turn regarding LCD’s release schedule, as James Murphy has unofficially announced that their new album is close to fruition on their official Facebook page.

LCD Soundsystem’s new album ‘will be done soon,’ says James MurphyScreen Shot 2017 01 16 At 11.36.33 AM

The subtle discovery in the above comment came from an unrelated Facebook post wherein James Murphy announced a January 14 show with Eric Duncan at New York’s Output venue, apologizing ” in advance for anything i do which turns out to be embarrassing.” Exciting as the notion of the aforementioned set may be, Murphy’s confirmation that the band’s fourth album will “be done soon” surpasses scintillation for the leagues of fans who have waited seven years for a followup to This is Happening.

The forthcoming album will be released via Columbia Records, though no premiere date has yet been set. Hopefully, we’re due for an early spring this year, as “winter tends to mess with [Murphy’s] voice.”

Via: FACT.

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