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Lido and Santell reunite for ‘Passion Project II’ EP

Over a year since releasing The Passion Project EP, Lido and Santell have reprised their partnership to deliver a sequel. And, as anyone who’s heard the duo’s first effort might have predicted, the new EP has all the subtlety of a 4AM Tinder message.  Full of Lido’s slow, smoky R&B beats and Santell’s florid falsetto, the newest project is goofy and fun, and almost seems like an attempt to outdo its predecessor in delightful absurdity.

Passion Project II is Lido’s first release since his album, Everything, dropped last October. The contrast between relative silliness of this EP against the operatic self-seriousness of his 2016 LP, make it a fun and refreshing outlet for Lido’s prodigious production talents. The beats are measured and tantalizingly restrained – a perfect complement to Santell’s tense, charismatic, vocals. Let’s hope that this is just the second of many more Passion Project installments; thus far, both of the project’s releases have sounded like they were as much fun to make as they are to experience.

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