Martin Garrix chastises SoundCloud for removing several tracks from his page

SoundCloud‘s relationship with the electronic music community has been shaky in recent years. Under pressure from major labels, the streaming company has become notorious for taking down users’ productions and remixes. For casual users, this practice is frustrating. However, when SoundCloud’s automated software removes professional artists’ own tracks from their official pages, it constitutes a faux pas on SoundCloud’s behalf. The company’s deletion of Morgan Page’s account and continued removal of Four Tet’s songs come to mind as highly-publicized instances of  these gaffes.

Martin Garrix is the latest high-profile casualty of SoundCloud’s automation’s purges. The Dutch producer has had his woes with the German company in the past, when his songs “Don’t Look Down” and “WIEE” were wiped from his account. Now, the software has gone on a spree, taking six different uploads of four different tracks off of his account; two versions each of “Bouncybob” and “Poison” were removed from Garrix’s SoundCloud page, as well as his Third Party and Matisse & Sadko collaborations, “Lions In The Wild” and “Break Through The Silence,” respectively. Garrix chastised the unnecessary removals on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 2.12.21 PM

SoundCloud responded to Garrix’s tweet to say they were “looking into it.” Whether or not Garrix’s complaints will be alleviated remains to be seen. Perhaps, if the company’s rumored acquisition by Google goes through, SoundCloud’s automation will become more discerning. In the meantime, Dillon Francis’ response to Garrix’s woes sums the current situation up accurately:

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 2.18.03 PM

H/T: YourEDM

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