Milkshake – Sugar Free [Free Download]Milkshake Sugar Free

Milkshake – Sugar Free [Free Download]

Don’t let the pink album art and the child-like name fool you, Milkshake is anything but smooth and creamy or suitable for your grandparents. The bass menace’s latest “Sugar Free” is precisely that. There’s no artificial sweetener here. No Stevia or Sweet N’ Low for your soft asses, just pure adulterated trap music with bass so brutal it will crack your ribs — that is if the mosh pit doesn’t first. Driven by blaring horns, epilepsy-inducing snares, gut-punching kicks and a Grime-inspired vocal, “Sugar Free” is guaranteed to wear out dancefloors and red line mixers.

Grab this one as a Free Download. Your neighbors won’t thank you.