Watch Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters perform ‘Pigs’ in front of an anti-Trump backdropRoger Waters Sam Javanrouh

Watch Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters perform ‘Pigs’ in front of an anti-Trump backdrop

Throughout their career, Pink Floyd have not shied away from spreading politically-charged messages in their music. “Another Brick In The Wall,” for example, covers themes of totalitarianism and brain washing across its three parts, while “Two Suns In The Sunset” speaks of fear around a nuclear apocalypse during the Cold War. Pink Floyd rose to popularity amid the socially turbulent Nixon years, after all, during which, music had become a crucial platform for expressing dissent against the system.

As many view history to be leaning toward repeating itself in the present day, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters has joined the faction of artists speaking out against the current political trajectory of the western world. During Indio’s Desert Trip festival, Waters debuted brand new visuals aimed at Donald Trump.

The artist set the pointed imagery to accompany “Pigs (Three Little Ones),” the leading song from 1977’s Animals, which contains verses that allude to corruption within government and lobbyist groups. Waters reprised the audiovisual pairing during a performance in Mexico, which he shared footage from on the day of Trump’s inauguration.

Opting for brazen dissent over subtle allusions, Waters sang lyrics such as, “You well heeled big wheel, charade you are” and “Pig stain on your fat chin” as expansive images of Trump shown in compromising images were emblazoned behind him. Roger Waters succinctly wrote the following message to accompany his video post:  “The resistance begins today.”

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Feature Photo Credit: Sam Javanrouh

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