[UPDATED] Porter Robinson has deemed all but 11 of his songs ‘unofficial’HARD Porter Rukes

[UPDATED] Porter Robinson has deemed all but 11 of his songs ‘unofficial’

In a recent tweet, Porter Robinson announced that all but eleven of his tracks are now being dubbed “unofficial.” “This is the canon,” Robinson wrote. “I’ve been making music for 12 years and i only wrote 11 songs, wow.” He follows the tweet with a list of the eleven songs deemed to be a part of his “canon” in his eyes, which includes “Language,” “Shelter”, and “Sad Machine,” and is noticeably missing fan-favorites such as “Lionhearted” and “Spitfire.” Robinson includes one remix in the list as well – his spin on Nero’s “The Thrill.”

Whether Porter Robinson’s dissociation from his past catalogue is due to a disconnect with his recent aesthetic or a simple desire to start anew after the conclusion of the Shelter tour, we will continue to support Porter Robinson and his career decisions, and we hope him all the best.

Update: It seems that Porter Robinson’s tweets were in response to a “This Is: Porter Robinson” playlist curated by Spotify, which has now expanded from 11 to 24 songs. Robinson’s tweets may have been a sarcastic reference to this. (Via: Your EDM)

Update 2: Porter Robinson has since elaborated upon these tweets in a Snapchat story, asserting that he made Spotify’s “This Is: Porter Robinson” playlist himself, and his statement “was not sarcasm.”

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