Ricardo Villalobos’ new documentary offers glimpse inside BerghainBerghain

Ricardo Villalobos’ new documentary offers glimpse inside Berghain

For many, experiencing a night at Berghain is nothing more than a pipe dream. The legendary Berlin club has been cultivating an air of mystery and exclusivity since it emerged from the city’s techno scene in 2003, and operating under a strict no-photos policty and employing bouncers whose admission criteria is, at best, mercurial to, perhaps more likely, completely arbitrary.

Still, the club’s reputation has never suffered given these idiosyncrasies and it remains a must-attempt locale for many electronic music fans. For those who don’t wish to make the trek to Berlin or fear the possibility of rejection, however, Ricardo Villalobos‘ new documentary provides a glimpse inside the hallowed club. Following Villalobos for a 24-hour span, the documentary briefly shows him playing at Berghain’s Panorama bar. The footage is far from extensive but, given their secretive nature, it is still worth checking out for those enraptured by the club’s mystique.


H/T: Magnetic Magazine

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