Rinzen transforms Giorgio Moroder’s ‘Good For Me’ into a dark club cutGood For Me Rinzen Remi

Rinzen transforms Giorgio Moroder’s ‘Good For Me’ into a dark club cut

Rinzen is relatively new to the electronic production arena, quietly entering the scene as a rising talent among the acts chosen to re-work Giorgio Moroder’s “Good For Me.” Upon hearing his interpretation of the disco-infused hit, it becomes clear as to why his sound impressed the Italian legend enough to sign his work. The LA-based musician demonstrates keen mastery over blending sounds, steeping Karen Harding’s soulful voice in a sea of sultry melodic accents and grooving house rhythms.

Additionally, he maintains a certain standard of edginess to his music which is overwhelmingly present in his choice of dark and precise synthesizers that hit just the right spots in the ear. While this is only the first release of many for Rinzen, the quality it carries matches that of an accomplished professional. Giorgio Moroder said the following of the artist’s debut:

“My management was working with the label A&R to find the best remixer for the track, and remembering this young writer, Jen, reached out to Rinzen to see if he would give this a try. This remix ended up being my favorite, and everyone liked it so much BPM couldn’t even wait until the release to play it on the radio. This is Rinzen’s first official release, and I am so honored to be a part of it.”

“Good For Me (Rinzen Remix)” is now available on Casablanca records. Head here to download, and follow Rinzen to watch the development unfold of an artist certainly worth watching.




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