Savoy and Fatherdude capture an authentic disco sound with ‘Living Color’Savoy Living Color Featuring Fatherdude

Savoy and Fatherdude capture an authentic disco sound with ‘Living Color’

Many dedicated musicians have a certain sound or feeling to their work that goes along with a specific genre or set of genres – in other words, they have succeeded in finding “their sound.” It goes without saying that the electronic band Savoy found their core sonic style long ago. What may not have been as clear until now, however, is how well Fatherdude’s vocals work in a classic disco-sounding track.

Savoy has always shown a mature synthesis of their varying influences into a cohesive sound. With their latest single, “Living Color,” the trio from Brooklyn, with the help of vocalist Fatherdude, take on the style that they say is “a culmination of who [they] really are as artists and what has inspired us the most.”

Thus, they created a vibrant rendition of a classic disco tune, circa the late ’70s and early ’80s. It would have been very difficult to find a vocalist that fits the bill for this track better than Fatherdude with his soulfully smooth vocal lines that could be said to already have a tone reminiscent of the disco and funk eras.

Savoy recently made the bold move of giving away their discography for free, a great way to get current and future fans warmed up for their forthcoming EP, Tomorrow Today.

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