Watch Skrillex show off his many sides in new mini-documentary, ‘The Same Place’Skrille Birthday

Watch Skrillex show off his many sides in new mini-documentary, ‘The Same Place’

Ubiquitous throughout vastly disparate scenes in the music industry, Skrillex is well-known for an a number of traits. Among the producer’s central characteristics are his status as a globetrotting DJ, his eclectic tastes, and his humility. All three of these aspects factor into Skrillex’s new mini-documentary, The Same Place. 

Filmed and edited by Jas Davis and James Winterhalter, the 11-minute video sees the artist travel across the world as he DJs, produces, plays guitar, and engages in various recreational shenanigans. Largely devoid of any dialogue, the footage is primarily set to a melange of songs which show off Skrillex’s diverse tastes. Amid several of his own hits (and one formidable unreleased track), Skrillex weaves in the metal of Testament, the nostalgic rock of Sacri Monti, and a striking “synthapella” of German techno luminary Stephan Bodzin‘s “Zulu.”

The verbal centerpiece of the short film, which includes its titular quote, shows Skrillex deliver a speech to aspiring producers at a Bridges for Music event. Skrillex encourages the hopeful crowd with anecdotal insights from his own experiences as a rising producer. The full excerpt from his keynote speech is transcribed below:

“Maybe there’s no science in what it takes to be called a musician because this wasn’t called music a couple years ago The first time I went to the Grammys, people were still like ‘Why is this guy at the Grammys? He’s not making music.’ Make music for the 16 year old inside yourself, even when you’re 50 years old. Fuck the craft. Everyone can learn how to do this shit. Cultivate your own thing, stick together, and just do that. Have some fun, make some music. If it’s fun – that’s all that matters…I’m having fun. I’m in the same room you’re all sitting in right now. I’m in the same place you guys are.”

Watch The Same Place in the above video player.

1. Testament – Demonic Refusal
2. ID – Skrillex
3. Purple Lamborghini – Skrillex & Rick Ross
4. Staggered in Lies – Sacri Monti
5. Stephan Bodzin – Zulu (Synthapella)
6. Waiting – RL Grime, What So Not, Skrillex
7. Kyoto (VIP) – Skrillex

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Featured image by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

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