SXSW Festival to hold FBI Director James ComeyJamescomey

SXSW Festival to hold FBI Director James Comey

FBI director James Comey has just been announced as a featured speaker at the South by Southwest festival held in Austin, Texas on March 13th. The nine-day festival has been celebrated for being an all-inclusive, interactive event including music, film, and speeches from powerful figures.  The festival, which has been regularly pulling over 51,000 registrants a year, could be expected to have an even bigger pull now with the FBI director’s debatable topic of conversation, which will examine the tensions between privacy and national security.

Comey’s investigation into Senator Hilary Clinton’s emails, which made headlines around the world and shook up the presidential debate just last year, was blamed by Clinton supporters for the candidate’s loss in popular votes. Since the investigation has been dropped on Clinton, Comey has gained his own investigation by the U.S. Justice Department inspector general. examine the tensions between privacy and national security.”

With so much controversy surrounding the FBI director, it’s easy to assume that Comey will draw in quite a large crowd for his talk, which is reported to include Newseum CEO Jeffrey Herbst. The highly-anticipated speech will revolve around national security and citizens’ rights within in the context of consistently changing technology.

In addition to the FBI Director, South by Southwest will be hosting hundreds of music artists, influential speakers, and interactive workshops with globally recognized entrepreneurs.

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