Techno legend Dave Clarke will not perform in the US during Trump presidencyDave Clarke

Techno legend Dave Clarke will not perform in the US during Trump presidency

The unrest felt by much of the world following Donald Trump’s historic presidential win has sparked various forms of protests. Expressions of indignation over the election result range in degree from the globally-reaching Women’s March last Saturday, January 21, to personal acts of rebellion. British DJ Dave Clarke is one of the latest to voice his dissent over Trump’s presidency, by refusing to perform in the United States while the 45th President holds his office.

Dubbed “The Baron of Techno,” Clarke has been a mainstay of international club culture for almost three decades. However, it seems that his performances likely won’t touch US soil for four to eight years. In a post to his Facebook, Clarke stated, “I have maximum respect for the influence of American music and some US culture in my life but I will not be renewing my work visa.”

Clarke remarks that his decision is, in part, due to negative professional experiences he’s had in the US, but quickly notes that “the big picture is undoubtedly political.” The DJ continues his statement:

“I simply cannot consider coming to the US professionally when there is a Misogonyst [sic] Narcissist Racist President in office, and to be fair maybe my work permit would not be renewed due to his “Hire American” policy.
Donald Trump takes Shapeshifting to an art form……….
This is the process of democracy that he is in power, there is no argument there, but my decision is down to freewill.

This is not punishment for those that love my music but a decision that I base on my intuition.

Clarke ends his elocutions with a clarification that, while he will not be performing in President Trump’s America, he isn’t placing a boycott on his support of quality American artists: “Those of you in the US or born there that make great music I will still support you and book you.”

Read Dave Clarke’s full statement below:

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