The M Machine reveal their debut album early with an unorthodox approachGlare

The M Machine reveal their debut album early with an unorthodox approach

Months of anticipation have surrounded the long-awaited release of electronic duo The M Machine‘s debut album. Ever since the team revealed that Glare would be released on Mat Zo’s Mad Zoo imprint, fans have been looking forward to the revered producers’ biggest project to date. So far, the first two tracks off the album “The Warehouse” and “Voyeur” have proven that the pair’s complex and gratifying soundscapes have not been compromised, despite the departure of former member Andy Coenen.

Keeping in line with their technological adeptness, The M Machine have recently revealed a keen look into their album that will allow fans to listen to the project in full ahead of its release date. Available through an innovative mobile web app titled, users can access the album in its entirety; however, it’s not easy as one may assume. Using technology to encourage human interaction, will only reveal the album through another user who is geographically close to the hopeful listener.

The M Machine state:

“It’s a simple goal to try and encourage your listeners to be together, in the same room, talking about your album when they share it with one another. And yet, it has become a rare phenomenon. Anonymous links and social media spam dominate the spread of music — to a negative effect in the mind of this band.”

This thought-provoking approach gives people the extra incentive to share and experience music side by side, a behavior that seems to be slowly fading as the digital space in music grows. Glare will be available to everyone in a standard format on the expected release date of February 23.

Via: SF Weekly

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